Alcohol Awareness Month set for April

Alcohol Awareness Month, held every April, was founded by and has been sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc. since 1987 to increase public awareness and understanding aimed at reducing the stigma associated with alcoholism that too often prevents individuals and families from seeking help.

Jefferson County Judge Dutch King has issued a proclamation asking all to join HOPE Community Coalition and encourage all citizens, parents, governmental agencies, public and private institutions, business, hospitals, schools and colleges in Jefferson County to support efforts that will reduce the stigma, increase community awareness and increase support for individuals and families coping with alcoholism.

For the 27th Anniversary of NCADD Alcohol Awareness Month, NCADD has chosen the theme Help for Today, Hope For Tomorrow.

More than 18 million individuals, or 8.5 percent of Americans, suffer from alcohol-use disorders. In addition, there are countless millions of individuals, family members and children who experience the devastating effects of the alcohol problem of someone in their life. Twenty-five percent of U.S. children have been exposed to alcohol-use disorders in their family.

The economic cost of alcoholism and alcohol abuse has recently been estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be $223.5 billion ($746 per person) or about $1.90 per drink. Researchers found the costs largely resulted from losses in workplace productivity (72 percent), health care expenses for problems caused by excessive drinking (11 percent), law enforcement and other criminal justice expenses related to excessive alcohol consumption (9 percent), and motor vehicle crash costs from impaired driving (6 percent).

NCADD Alcohol Awareness Month raises awareness while encouraging people to make healthy and safe choices when it comes to use of alcohol. It also opens a window of opportunity to address underage drinking, which is one of the reasons why NCADD Alcohol Awareness Month is recognized in April – the beginning of prom and graduation season.

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