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The Conjuring 2’ creates suspense, then fades

The supernatural thriller “The Conjuring 2” is comprised of the same “gotcha” scare playing on a loop. You’ll fall for it once, maybe twice, but then it fades fast. And the so-called chills and thrills are so obvious you can predict what — or who — is going to pop up and where and when. “The Exorcist” it ain’t.

Movie Review - ‘Gimme Shelter’

If a Lifetime movie had a one-night stand with a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation, and their Afterschool Special love child were weaned on a steady diet of “Teen Mom,” “Davey and Goliath” and “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire,” it might grow up to look a little something like “Gimme Shelter.”

A REMARKABLE JOURNEY Visual voyage through black history an eye-opener

A REVEIW — There have been several excellent history books compiled on Pine Bluff and Jefferson County, but they've primarily outlined the lives and experiences of whites, chiefly those who actually aided and lifted others with their positive contributions to the area's overall quality of life, but also some who were recognized merely because they achieved status within the circles of the socially and/or financially elite.