Frequently Asked Questions

I tried to comment on a story, but your website requires I sign in for comments using access to another account I use like my Facebook account.  Why did you make that change?

A trend in the industry is to require users who want to comment to verify their identity through sites such as Facebook to remove anonymous individuals or fictitious names.  We believe this will make our comments section more valuable to our readers and help improve the conversation around news.


I tried to comment on a story, but it did not appear. Why?

Comments are approved by a moderator before they appear on our website. Typically, comments are approved at least once a day. If your comment does not appear after a few days, it is possible it was not approved by the moderator. Please review our commenting guidelines to avoid this issue. Users who show themselves to be trustworthy by consistently adhering to the guidelines will be added to a list that allows their comments to appear automatically, without going through the moderator.

Comment guidelines:
• No profanity, even in abbreviated or partially censored form
• No racial slurs, race-based stereotyping or hate speech
• No name calling or personal attacks directed at other users
• Threats will not be approved and a copy will be sent to police
• Do not post material that is copyrighted by other entities, i.e. articles from other newspapers or publications


Why can't I find a specific news story online?

We do not guarantee that all stories that are in the newspaper will be run online.

Currently, the only way to assure that you can catch all the news stories in our newspaper from a given day is to purchase that day's newspaper or subscribe to our home delivery, e-Edition service(s) or our All-Digital Access. Contact our circulation department for information on purchasing a newspaper at 870-534-3400.


How do I find a story that was published in an earlier edition of your paper?

The Pine Bluff Commercial news articles online go back as far as Oct. 27, 1998. To search for past articles, go to the Archive Search.

Should you be searching for a specific story older than Oct. 27, 1998 or are not finding what you need, please contact the Public Library.

The Pine Bluff Commercial circulation department only houses print archives up to one year out. If you are searching for a print copy older than one year, please contact the Public Library.


Where do I send my press releases?

You may submit a press release through our Submit a news story link. The Pine Bluff Commercial does not guarantee publication of your press release. Please be sure to include the required contact information so we can reach you if we have any questions.


I cannot find an answer to my question here. Who do I contact?

BEFORE YOU SEND YOUR QUESTION, HELP US TO HELP YOU. If you are writing to us because you are experiencing technical difficulties, please be as detailed as you can with the problem you are experiencing. Telling us "your site doesn't work" does not provide us with enough information to trouble-shoot. Please tell us what you were trying to accomplish when you experienced the technical difficulties and what steps you were taking. In addition, please tell us what web browser and version you are using (ie: Internet Explorer 7) and what platform you are using (ie: Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.7). This information is key to assisting us with your issue and can also, in the long run, aid in creating a better experience not only for you, but for all our visitors. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Send your unanswered question to us by using our Contact Us link.