Devotional - In times like these, follow God’s word for success

For the sake of being (politically correct) we have disregarded the word of God and become tolerant of things that blatantly ignore the teachings of the word. We live in a society where the highest court in the land has said it’s OK — men can marry men, women can marry women, but what does God say?

We live in a society where the incidence of social ills are many. Teenage suicide has increased as a result of “bullying.” The crime rate is escalating because of greed and total disregard for our fellowman. The sanctity of marriage is no more regarded. Possibly the only decline maybe in the divorce rate and that can be attributed to the fact that people are not marrying. There is a high incidence of co-habitating (shacking). That has become the norm in our society.

We live in a world where love has waxed cold. We have come to the point where we seek certain individuals (president, supreme court or whomever your hero might be) to effect the needed change we so desperately seek in our society. I would suggest to you that we have forgotten God.

In times like these it is important that men of God, those who are called, preach an unmitigated gospel, not submitting to 2 Timothy 4:3. We must be proclaiming the same things, the lack of which creates confusion among the masses.

Because we are living in perilous time, we need an anchor. We need hope. I would like to suggest to you that that anchor, that hope is in Christ Jesus and his promises.

God has promised that he would intervene, however we have a part to play. Your role: 2 Chronicles 7:14 (read it.) God prescribes the antidote for a sick and perverse world that hinges on succumbing. It is clear from this passage that (1) humility is foremost. We must realize that God is all sufficient and without him we can do nothing and are nothing. You see, God cannot effectively use “his” people until they are empowered by the holy spirit.

(2) Prayer is always in order. Man ought always pray unceasingly. Pray not only in good times but in other times too. God is a merciful God and goes to every extreme to bring us to him.

(3) To seek his face is to give ones complete devotion to him. Mark 12:30 (read it). We should be motivated toward this end because he gave his all, his only son, while we were yet sinners.

Matthew 5:16 instructs us to let our light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify the father. Is it any wonder that we are faced with so many diabolical challenges and ills when “god’s people,” those of us who profess to be his, continue to engage in the evils of the world, thereby admitting to be merely professers and not possessers of repentant and contrite hearts?

Even in times like these, God desires to heal the land. He has provided the prescription. You got to follow his order: Humility - Matthew 16:24; Prayer - Proverbs 15:8; Devotion - Deuteromony 6:5; Repentance - Acts 3:19.

It is only after God’s people have demonstrated their sincerity for healing by following the prescription that he will intervene and heal our sicknesses.

It is time, high time, that God’s people follow the example of our Lord and Saviour, to live out Luke 2:49 “to be about our father’s business,” in times like these.

The Rev. Kenneth E. Harris is associate pastor at Indiana Street Baptist Church.

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