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Energetic Libertarians choose candidates

When the Libertarians held a nominating convention at the Comfort Inn in Little Rock two years ago, they looked like a debating society. When they met in the same place this past Saturday, they looked more like a political party — a small, third party still a long way from winning a major race, but a party nonetheless.

Arkansans make case against Common Core

It’s a Wednesday evening at a Maumelle community center, and Karen Lamoreaux is explaining to a crowd of parents — I think it’s well over 100, but I’m guessing — why she and the rest of her group are devoting a significant part of their lives to fighting the Common Core State Standards.

Think regionally, like Northwest Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas became the most prosperous part of the state thanks to its being home to some of the world’s best businessmen and Arkansas’ biggest university. Now one of the reasons it’s becoming even more prosperous is because it thinks regionally, not just locally.

Responding to Darr and Shoffner

Arkansas has seven constitutional officers: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer, auditor and land commissioner. In the past year, two of them, first Treasurer Martha Shoffner and then Lt. Gov. Mark Darr, have been forced to resign due to financial improprieties.