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Health care’s PROBLEM: Americans’ health

Arkansas legislators are preparing to meet in special session for the second time in less than a year to discuss rising school employee health insurance rates. It’s a difficult issue, but it’s a “lowercase p problem.” The “capital P Problems” are beyond what state legislators can address by themselves.

Do we really need runoffs?

Leslie Rutledge and David Sterling, the state’s two remaining Republican candidates for attorney general, spent the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s runoff election scouring the state looking for votes. The question is, should they have had to?

New law creates independent barrier

Coming soon to your ballot: not very many independents. That’s not unusual because it’s hard to run as an independent, and they rarely win. But this year there will be even fewer than in the last election, and a new state law may be partly to blame.

Energetic Libertarians choose candidates

When the Libertarians held a nominating convention at the Comfort Inn in Little Rock two years ago, they looked like a debating society. When they met in the same place this past Saturday, they looked more like a political party — a small, third party still a long way from winning a major race, but a party nonetheless.