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U.S. Senate vote against civil rights attorney would make Putin proud

While the United States issues repeated condemnations this week against Russian President Vladimir Putin for his aggressive actions in the Ukraine, it would have been fitting if he gave the U.S. a taste of its own medicine by firing back at the Senate for disavowing one of the fundamental aspects of our U.S. Constitution in the vote to deny Debo Adegbile an opportunity to serve the nation.

Chris Christie’s ‘West Wing’ moment

With his 2016 presidential bid potentially ending before it even begins, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie knew he had to do something bold and significant in order to confront the allegations that he played a role in closing down traffic in his state to payback a political rival.

Nelson Mandela was at his core a freedom fighter

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is being cast as a regal, gentle giant who used a humble, quiet disposition to put his critics at ease and usher in democratic rule in South Africa, all while keeping blacks, wanting retribution, and whites, fearing their demise, from engaging in a deadly clash that could have torn the nation apart.