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Granddaughter may be battling eating disorder

Q. My teenage granddaughter spent some time with me recently. She eats very little, and is extremely thin. I have also heard her throwing up after she has eaten a small meal. Could you tell me more about bulimia and anorexia and what causes it? Should I confront her? Should I try to get her help?

Husband fears wife is addicted to pain medicine

Q. My wife who is in her early 60s had surgery several months ago. She continues to take seven to eight pain killers a day that she gets from several doctors. She is irritable, out of it and denies that pain meds are her problem. Could you please explain the dangers of these medications so that my wife and others will understand the problems of pain pill addiction?

Communication is key in maintaining healthy marriage

Q. I’m in my early 40’s and I’m getting married for the second time. I had such a bad marriage the first time that I didn’t think I would ever be with anyone again. I’m frightened that this marriage will end up as horrible as the last one. Please give me some pointers on how to make my marriage successful this time.

Woman seeks answers after husband asks for divorce

Q. My husband has asked for a divorce. He says there is no one else; he is just tired of being with me. He’s refusing to discuss it or get help, even though I have begged him to seek counseling. I’ve moved out, and he doesn’t want me to return. I’m 28, and I feel like my life is over. How can I move on when I don’t know what happened?

Depression is an illness, not shameful

Robin Williams, who had wealth, fame and the respect of millions, committed suicide last week. His actions are another reminder that depression, mental illness and substance abuse can be found in the richest and most successful. It can be found in friends, in family. It can be found in self. His suicide was a reminder that we never really know the pain of others, and often do not understand the depth of our own pain.

In order to reconnect after affair, couple must seek counseling

Q. My husband cheated on me with one of his co-workers. He knows he made a mistake and begged my forgiveness. I am trying to forgive him even though it is difficult. I want to find out what is wrong with our marriage that made him cheat in the first place. He says there is nothing wrong, and he is happy. I’ve always thought we had a good marriage, too. He says that he doesn’t know why he cheated. Could this be true?

Husband seeks help dealing with alcoholic wife

Q. My wife is an alcoholic and overuses prescription drugs. When I confront her about anything, she becomes belligerent, accuses me of being paranoid, and says I’m over-controlling. I know that I’ve let this go on for too long, and I’m beginning to think there is something wrong with me. What can I do?