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Harry King

ASU coach is impressive

LITTLE ROCK — Equally comfortable poking fun at a radio show host and updating the governor, Arkansas State football coach Blake Anderson is Hubbard City, Texas, through and through.

Tour winner is loyal

LITTLE ROCK — A closet follower of pro golfer Jimmy Walker for several years, I was disappointed when a post-Pebble Beach review of his sponsors failed to turn up the Houston-based company that stuck with him during the lean years.

No unbeaten on April 7

LITTLE ROCK — There is no chance that Arizona or Syracuse or Wichita State will be unbeaten when the NCAA Tournament concludes April 7 in Jerry Jones’ palace.

A look at the SEC schedule

LITTLE ROCK — Printed as hard-copy reference material for someone unwilling to read 14 college football schedules on his cell phone, the composite for the SEC begged for a comparison by division.

Point guard by committee works, sort Of

FAYETTEVILLE — For almost 40 minutes, I thought Arkansas was going to disprove a long-held theory that point guard by committee is not effective against a quality opponent. Turns out, such an approach can work if the committee chairman makes 3-pointers.