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SEC Network coming in August

LITTLE ROCK — The day the Aug. 30 football lineup for the SEC Network is announced, the number of network subscribers to the network will spike in Arkansas and Alabama.

ASU coach is impressive

LITTLE ROCK — Equally comfortable poking fun at a radio show host and updating the governor, Arkansas State football coach Blake Anderson is Hubbard City, Texas, through and through.

Compassion on the court

LITTLE ROCK — Intentionally turning the ball over against Farmington’s No. 1 rival, eleventh grader Jeremy Mueller transcended sports.

Tour winner is loyal

LITTLE ROCK — A closet follower of pro golfer Jimmy Walker for several years, I was disappointed when a post-Pebble Beach review of his sponsors failed to turn up the Houston-based company that stuck with him during the lean years.

Super Bowl Bust

LITTLE ROCK — Botched by Bubba Watson, the total boycott of all Super Bowl pre-game was made possible by an 11-year-old.

No unbeaten on April 7

LITTLE ROCK — There is no chance that Arizona or Syracuse or Wichita State will be unbeaten when the NCAA Tournament concludes April 7 in Jerry Jones’ palace.

Prop bets with Arkansas-LSU angle

LITTLE ROCK — Representing opera to pop to rock and roll with an emphasis on funk, Renee Fleming, Bruno Mars, and Michael Balzary are part of proposition bets offered on the Super Bowl.

A look at the SEC schedule

LITTLE ROCK — Printed as hard-copy reference material for someone unwilling to read 14 college football schedules on his cell phone, the composite for the SEC begged for a comparison by division.

Fond memories for former Travs

LITTLE ROCK — Tracking the origin of a reunion of former Arkansas Travelers, start with John Young and connect the dots to Sparky Anderson, Detroit, Jim Riggleman and Lakeland, Fla.

Manning legacy in stone

LITTLE ROCK — A good ally to have, former NFL player and coach Herm Edwards is on my side when it comes to Peyton Manning’s legacy.

Point guard by committee works, sort Of

FAYETTEVILLE — For almost 40 minutes, I thought Arkansas was going to disprove a long-held theory that point guard by committee is not effective against a quality opponent. Turns out, such an approach can work if the committee chairman makes 3-pointers.