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A look at the SEC schedule

LITTLE ROCK — Printed as hard-copy reference material for someone unwilling to read 14 college football schedules on his cell phone, the composite for the SEC begged for a comparison by division.

Point guard by committee works, sort Of

FAYETTEVILLE — For almost 40 minutes, I thought Arkansas was going to disprove a long-held theory that point guard by committee is not effective against a quality opponent. Turns out, such an approach can work if the committee chairman makes 3-pointers.

Not cut in 6A playoffs

LITTLE ROCK — Until a couple of co-workers started talking high school football playoffs en route to a Razorback road game, I thought dance competitions had the lock on the concept of “Trophy for Everybody.”

Old hat at ASU: A new coach

LITTLE ROCK — Linebacker Qushaun Lee, offensive lineman Alan Wright, and defensive backs Andrew Tryon and Sterling Young will be well equipped to roll with the punches in the real world when their football days are over at Arkansas State University.

Blah for bowls until January

LITTLE ROCK — Apologies to bowl sponsors, organizers, and hard-working volunteers from San Francisco to New York, and the other 21 bowl sites with games prior to Jan. 1, there are no plans to sit through contests with teams that have lost almost 200 times.