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Uniform changes and Derby strikes

LITTLE ROCK — Almost 100 years old, the adage about a picture being worth a thousand words stands the test of time when it comes to updates of the Razorback brand.

Nine game schedule up for discussion

LITTLE ROCK — Demand for more quality games, launch of the SEC Network, an emphasis on strength of schedule in the new College Football Playoff and a promise by Mike Slive don’t necessarily add up to a nine-game conference schedule in the SEC.

Name of the game: Finish

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Two seats to the left on row H in the media center at Augusta National, the man who once covered the Oakland A’s referred to Tiger Woods as “Eckersley like.”

Looking ahead with Hogs hoops

LITTLE ROCK — Buried under a long-dead NCAA bracket, updated odds on the 16 teams still in the hunt and old news from Oaklawn Park, much-needed reference material was unearthed.

Live by the 3, die by the 3

LITTLE ROCK — Using a cheat sheet and monitoring the score updates across the top of the TV screen was the way to watch the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament.

NIT is good sign for Hogs

LITTLE ROCK — The idea that Arkansas would turn down an invite to the NIT never crossed my mind until the father of an 11-year-old soccer player mentioned he had heard the “just say no” argument during a sports talk show.

Hogs not only state team fighting for NCAA berth

LITTLE ROCK — Caught up in Arkansas’ five-week long journey to relevance, I overlooked other in-state teams in position to make the NCAA Tournament. Catching up, I like the chances of the two women’s teams pursuing the Sun Belt Conference bid.

SEC Network coming in August

LITTLE ROCK — The day the Aug. 30 football lineup for the SEC Network is announced, the number of network subscribers to the network will spike in Arkansas and Alabama.