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Christopher Lawrence

Movie Review - ‘Jersey Boys’

In “Think Like a Man Too,” Friday’s other big release, one of the characters suggests that, instead of a wild bachelor party, everyone should make better use of the Las Vegas Strip and just go see “Jersey Boys.”

Movie Review - ‘Neighbors’

Every few years, something so jarring, so very traumatizing occurs that it shakes a wide swath of America to its very core and causes many of us to re-evaluate everything we thought we knew about the world.

Movie Review - ‘Transcendence’

Although it never really moves beyond anything you’ve seen before, there’s a very good reason to plunk down your hard-earned money to see “Transcendence”: Johnny Depp sheds all of his quirks and affectations.

Movie Review - ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

Prepare to be transported to an era when staying in a hotel was considered exotic, romantic, even something of an adventure, and not just another sleepless night because you can’t stop worrying about the potential for bedbugs or who did what to whom on that bedspread that keeps brushing up against your lower lip.