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‘Jurassic Park’ franchise roars back to life

While nothing short of one of those “Men in Black” neuralyzers will make you forget the profound disappointments of the first two sequels, “Jurassic World” combines enough nostalgia, technical wizardry and nonsensically thrilling moments to make fans of the original feel like kids again.

Earthquake extravaganza ‘San Andreas’ has plenty of faults

“San Andreas” is every bit as big, loud and ridiculous as anything you’ll see during this or any other summer. But what sets this bonkers earthquake extravaganza apart from similar bits of brain-dead escapism is the fact that its “hero” is extraordinarily selfish at best. At worst, he’s criminally negligent.

‘Run All Night’

Stop me if this sounds familiar: Liam Neeson portrays a seasoned killer who wants a better relationship with his only child, so when bad guys come after that child, he won’t stop shooting people until the threat is eliminated.