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Dairy products add health benefits, nutritionist says

June is National Dairy Month, and while cow’s milk is not an essential food for adults and children past the age of weaning, it is a convenient source of some essential nutrients that is readily available in the U.S., says Kay Dutram, registered dietitian nutritionist, assistant professor and director of the Nutrition and Dietetics Program at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

Nancy Ryburn

Q. My step-daughter has a child who lies constantly. Her lies are obvious and very annoying. I can barely stand to be around the child, but was told not to intervene. Why do children lie when it would often be easier to tell the truth?

The ‘simplicity’ of getting fit

I’ve NEVER heard anyone say “You know, I’d like a really pretty house, but I don’t care if it has a refrigerator or bathrooms”. But I hear “I just want bigger arms” or “I only want to work on my waist” quite frequently. From a fitness professional’s perspective, they mean virtually the same thing.

PEO Founder’s celebration

The PEO chapter AU/BZ celebrates Founder’s Day during a recent brunch. A ‘Miss America Parade’ honored past presidents. Participants were, from left, Martha Sue Pearce, Marsha Rogers, Karen Needler, Sandra Breshears, Katy Walt, Julia Ann Beckham, Rosemary Baird, Emily Cockrum, Carol Teague, Trudy Pascale and Pam Estes. (Special to The Commercial)


The Rev. Kelley Bohlmann is special projects coordinator in the office of Mayor Debe Hollingsworth. Bohlmann’s title was incorrect in an article submitted to The Commercial that appeared in Sunday’s edition.

White Hall Museum to host Memorial Day program

The White Hall Museum will host a Memorial Day program at 10 a.m. Monday, May 30, at the museum’s Veteran’s Monument. Former Jefferson County sheriff Boe Fontaine will be the keynote speaker and Darryl Shumaker will call the names of those killed in action or missing in action.