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Stay calm and plan every move in advance when dealing with money matters. Resist the pleas from anyone asking for a loan or handout. A strict budget will keep you from getting in over your head and allow you to save for something special.

Calendar of events

This is a listing of activities of interest to residents of Southeast Arkansas. Anyone who would like to submit entries for consideration may do so in writing to the Entertainment Calendar, P.O. Box 6469, Pine Bluff, Ark., 71611. Since all activities are subject to change, it would be wise to confirm the activity with the sponsoring organization.


Refresh your skills and knowledge to keep up with the changing times and you will be considered for advancement. Redo your resume highlighting and marketing your skills for what’s considered a current demand in your industry. Invest in you and success will follow.


The stability of your future depends on several factors, so take control and own your destiny. This is not the time to be laid-back and watch the show. Be the author and director of your own production and you will see amazing results.