UDC chapter president announces plans for album at recent meeting

The David O. Dodd Chapter 212 United Daughters of the Confederacy held its recent chapter meeting in the home of Sandy Poore of Pine Bluff.

There were 12 members and two guests in attendance. Attending from Arkansas County were Jerrie Townsend, Dorothy Wilks, Jean Pollard and Glennda Fread. Attending from Jefferson County were Lela Murray, Susan Railsback, MarJo Dill, DeeLois Lawrence, Denise Gray, Poore, and Sharon Wyatt. Earle Phillips and David Poore were guests.

Fread, chapter president, led the UDC Ritual assisted by Dill, chaplain, who opened the meeting with prayer. Wyatt, secretary/treasurer, read the minutes from the last meeting, which were approved. She then gave the treasurer’s report.

Fread gave the President General’s message announcing the plans to compile the second edition of the Patriot Ancestor Album. She encouraged each member to submit a short biography of their approved ancestor to be included in the album.

Poore presented a program detailing the three iron crosses that David 0. Dodd Chapter members have placed on their patriots’ graves. Those patriots honored were John J. Pettus, Marquis de Lafayette Sanders and Sanford Lafayette Guess.

Fread gave a program in memory and honor of Robert E. Lee, Thomas J “Stonewall” Jackson, and Matthew Fontaine Maury, whose birthdays are in January.

Lawrence was recognized for having been honored by receiving the Winnie P. Davis Award at the Arkansas State Convention. This award is presented to UDC members for outstanding service and contributions to the organization that are above and beyond those expected of all members.

Dessert and coffee were served and the meeting was adjourned.