Progressive Women’s Association hears history of organization

Members and guests of the Progressive Women’s Association met recently at the Relyance Bank White Hall branch for their meeting and spring enrollment luncheon.

Beef brisket provided by Jan Adam was the main dish. Margie Murphy decorated the room with a St. Patrick’s Day decor.

Linda Eifling, president, conducted the business session. The upcoming Business Associate/Woman of the Year Event was discussed. The group voted to host the event in the evening with the organization paying for the meat, and everyone bringing a dish. Nomination forms for Woman of the Year and Business Associate of the Year were distributed.

Adam talked to the group about the history of the organization and its purpose. She also told about the group’s trip to Sheridan to take Needra Hansen out to eat. The group enjoyed a leisurely lunch at The Cottage Restaurant. Some also toured the Grant County Museum. Those making the trip were Adam, driver, Eifling, Nancy Rosen, Betsy Foster, Linda Hurd, Jean Upshaw, Louise LaGrone, Delois Dilbeck and Murphy.

The door prize was won by Brenda Doucey. Birthday presents were won by Hurd, Foster, Dottie Yarbrough and Alice Erwin. Mary Jo Wilson won the dollar pot.

After the meeting, Foster was the auctioneer for the white elephant auction. Yarbrough assisted her.

Guests at the meeting were Wilson, Doris Sullivan and Marcia Shepard. Wilson was warmly welcomed as a new member.