Progressive Women’s Association gets tips on dealing with grief

Members and guests of the Progressive Women’s Association gathered recently at the Relyance Bank in White Hall for their monthly meeting and luncheon.

Jan Adam was the chairman of the food group which consisted of Georgia LaGrave, Floretta Scott, Betsy Foster, Laura Hopson, Vina Yarbrough and Maria Love. The main dish was beef brisket, and it was provided by Adam.

Brenda Doucey and her guest, Lisa Grigg, facilitators for the Grief and Comfort Community, a Bereavement Support Ministry sponsored by the Harmony Baptist Association, presented the program at the meeting. They presented a synopsis of what the grief group does. They explained that by sharing with a group, it is easier to begin the journey to healing after the loss of a loved one. All participants in the group must make attendance at all group meetings a priority. They must also complete the assignment in the “Death and Grief” curriculum each week. The group meets at the Harmony Baptist Association, 2001 S. Cherry St. Doucey and Grigg ended their presentation by giving examples of what to say and what not to say to a grieving person.

Linda Eifling, president, conducted the business session. Eifling discussed the Salvation Army Diaper Drive. The group voted to bring any size diapers to the next meeting.

The Scholarship Fund was discussed. The organization has received checks from donors. The group will have a White Elephant Auction at the March meeting to help raise funds for its scholarship recipients.

The birthday prizes were won by LaGrave and Adam. Door prizes were won by Toni Spears and Eifling. Nancy Rosen won the dollar pot. Spears was welcomed as a new member.

A day trip was planned by Adam, travel chairman, to drive to Sheridan and take a former member to lunch and then tour the Grant County Museum.

February is the birthday month of Skippy Ussery and Doucey.