P.E.O. chapter members hear program on African adventure

P.E.O. Chapter AU-BZ recently met in the home of Beth Turchi. Joan Alghrim and Jane Arnold served as hostesses.

Julia Ann Beckham served as president with 23 members attending.

Arnold reported that Cotty College exceeded its goal by $1 million. Elaine Dial reminded everyone about the upcoming trip to tour Cotty College. Those who signed up to go included Jo Neal, Dial, Arnold, Sara Clifton and Martha Sue Pearce.

Lynn Castleberry said the pecans would be arriving and asked members to be prepared to sell.

Jesse Boast presented a program on Africa. She said when traveling to Africa, a visitor hopes to see the big five — water buffalo, rhinoceros, elephant, leopard and lion. She saw them all and said they were magnificent. She also displayed jewelry made by the local people and shared a video of her adventures.

The next meeting be at the home of Marji Heart.