New Community Theatre cancels New Year’s Eve performance

Due to unexpected construction delays, the New Community Theatre of Pine Bluff is canceling its Gala New Year’s celebration performances scheduled for Dec. 31, according to Jack Stradley of Olde Towne Theatres, the non‐profit organization which operates the theater.

“We really regret this cancellation,” Stradley said. “But, unfortunately, our theater is simply not going to be ready for this performance.”

Stradley and his wife, Kathy Majewska, have spearheaded complete renovation of the theater for the last 18 months.

“When you are restoring a building this old, while incorporating state‐of‐the art theater equipment and furnishings, you simply encounter unexpected construction and supplier issues. These issues put us about three weeks behind on our completion schedule.”

The New Year’s Eve program was to be the initial live performance in the renovated theater. Stradley and Majewska have scheduled 23 acts presenting 49 live performances in the theater, the first of which is the appearance of legendary comedian Marty Allen on Jan. 17.

“We will be up and running for Marty’s performance with a theater the likes of which you have not seen,” Stradley said, adding that the theater is refunding the New Year’s program advance ticket purchasers 100 percent.

Tickets for the Marty Allen and subsequent 2014 performances are available at the theatre website, along with details about the theatre and upcoming performances.